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Light Guardian

Light Guardian

As the continuous development of building architecture favors the use of glass ceilings or walls, the problem of the greenhouse effect produced by incident rays, which in turn have a magnifying glass effect, is spreading. Our project aims to solve this problem by studying and testing various possible solutions that could potentially be accesible to anyone. The study resulted in using a dissipative foil, which we named “Light Guardian Foil (LGF)” that works on physical and chemical principles that reduce the light flux without leading to loss of natural light in seasons when the sun is not prominent in the sky. In fact, our LGF films are made of spherical anti-transmission particles that can be used on vertical, horizontal or angled glass at any angle of the sun and any time of year.

Sabin Vasile Vașcovici

15 years

Raul Gabriel Mihuță

16 years

Răzvan Nicoară

16 years


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