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Pop2See Smart Class

Pop2See Smart Class

Inspired by: Alice broke her pair of glasses at school resulting in reduced visibility. The team got inspired to start this project
Designed for: Blind students at schools and universities, experiencing obstacles while educating
Our R&D & Testing: 5 blind students, 4 Parents, 9 Teachers, and 7 organizations
Our value: Autonomy, Inclusivity, Interaction, aligned with UN’s SDGs 4, 7, 8 & 17
Our solution: 2 portable devices:
• 1st: Braille Keyboard and Reading System (English, Enhanced communication with the teachers)
• 2nd: Camera with MicroComputer (Image to Text, Text to Speech, Speech to Text)
• Communication via Bluetooth, WiFi, and SD card, App for teachers and parents
Who is it for: 197K students, 394K parents, 985K families, Ministries of Education, schools and universities

Konstantinos Mazarakis

17 years

Aliki Rangou

18 years


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