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Conscious Brain Mind-Controlled Cybonthitic Cyborg Bionic-Leg – V2

Conscious Brain Mind-Controlled Cybonthitic Cyborg Bionic-Leg – V2

Lower limb amputations affect about 28.9 million people worldwide, influencing normal human functions. we developed a mind-controlled bionic-leg to provide a professional solution for amputees, which is classified as restricted knee movement, long-term solution, High pressure bearing, specific analog reading of Electromyography (EMG). Because the output voltage measured in nano-volts resulting in unspecific knee movement, and the functionality of these modern gadgets is still limited due to a lack of neuromuscular control (i.e. For movement creation, control relies on human efferent neural signals to peripheral muscles). We Amplified the EMG output from Nano-Voltage to Milli-Voltage using customized instrumentation amplifiers (operational amplifiers).

Mohammed Sabry Abd El-Samee Lasheen

17 years

Ahmed Ayman Mohammed Abd El-Monsef

17 years

Moaz Mostafa Allam

16 years


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17 September from 13:00 – 14:30