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Numerous young adults have experienced getting pills in their drinks involuntarily. The reason why drugs is placed in young people’s drinks is many, but most often is to drug rape or rob a person, as a joke or as an act of jealousy. The unwanted drugs can lead to blackouts, fatal overdoses, lack of self-control, and long-term mental difficulties. This problem is complicated and extremely relevant, it was found that in 6 years, 608 people reported that they had found drugs in their drinks. The number is large, and the problem is even bigger than what is possible to document, since a big quantity of the victimes, chooses not to report it. We made a lid for beer glasses, which will prevent young adults from being drugged involuntarily.

Natasia Seierup Mikkelsen

19 years

Jacob Fritsdal Pedersen

18 years

Noah Willum Nygård

20 years


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