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The modern woman between career and family

The modern woman between career and family

In this paper, we explored the role of women in the family, in the workplace, and society. Through analysing scientific literature, conducting a survey of adolescents, and multiple interviews with successful women with children, we researched what is the position of women in Slovenia and the EU. We analysed the division of work in the family as well as what are the factors that help women coordinate work and family and improve women’s position in the labour force. We focused on many factors, the main being policies of the state, domestic help (external and of kinship), the practice of egg freezing, gender quotas, discrimination, and stereotypes. Lastly, we wanted to know how much COVID-19 impacted women’s rights and how much of the additional obligations were taken on by them.

Maja Kalin

20 years

ProjectSocial sciences-05

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